Mini Oven with Grill

This Mini Oven with a Grill is one of the best selling small kitchen appliances on the market at the moment. It’s great value has made it an instant hit with those looking for a small oven they can bake and grill their food in. Due to the inclusion of a grill you can now cook many more dishes in this oven than you can with a regular item of its type that does not feature a grill. It is ideal for warming up morning goods such as croissants and making toast. If you truly want to replace your regular oven then opting for a mini one that has a grill is a great idea.

Mini Oven with Grill Features

As well as the excellent grill this Andrew James mini oven has a great 18 litre capacity which should be adequate for most dishes and meals. It has a 60 minute timer built in which should be long enough for most things you decide to cook, if not simply reset it again for the additional time required. The temperature of this mini oven with a grill from Andrew James goes up to an impressive 250 C and it weighs a mere 5kg when boxed making it easy to transport.

If you are concerned about what you have to sacrifice when buying a mini oven instead of a full-sized one then the answer here is not much. This item packs a real punch in a tiny package making it ideal for students, those with small kitchens or those who want a cheaper alternative to a regular kitchen oven.

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Stone Baked Pizza Mini Oven

Is it possible to cook a stone baked pizza in a mini oven? I am happy to tell you that the answer to that question is a resounding yes. In the past there has been the awesome De’Longhi EO1200W Mini Oven with Pizza Bulge which cooked a great pizza, albeit just a standard oven pizza but now there is the new Andrew James Stone Baked Pizza Oven.

Stone Baked Pizza Mini Oven

The arrival of the new Andrew James Stone Baked Pizza Mini Oven heralds a new dawn in mini ovens and thanks to its great design and innovative features it is now possible to get the authentic, traditional taste of a pizza cooked in a stone bake oven. In the past, if you wanted this kind of flavour at home you would have to build your own stone baker to grill the pizza over an open fire. No matter how much you like a stone baked crust this was a step too far for most people. But now, with the arrival of the Andrew James Stone Bake Pizza Oven you can avoid going that extra mile and you can now cook traditional pizzas just how they have been served for years back in the old country.

Pizza Mini Oven Features

Now let’s have a look at some of the features and technical details of this great mini pizza oven. To start with this oven comes in a nice array of colours including red, black and silver so it should be easy to find a style that fits in with the rest of your kitchen. It is capable of producing a temperature of 1100 W making it perfect for frozen, pre baked and fresh dough pizzas. As the name suggest this pizza oven is fitted with a stone base which heats up to give your pizzas the perfect crispy base. The stone plate can also be interchanged with the included non stick coated plate which gives you more options in the kitchen should should you ever get fed up with pizzas. There is also a viewing window to allow you to keep an eye on your creations without having to open the lid and let the heat escape which can interrupt the cooking process. And for the safety conscious out there you will be please to read that it features an auto-off feature that turns the oven off should the lid be left open for longer than 30 minutes – just in case you were too busy tucking into your home cooked stone baked pizza to remember to turn the cooker off!

As you can see the Andrew James electric Stone Baked Pizza Oven is a great kitchen appliance that gives you the opportunity to cook the perfect stone baked pizza from the comfort of your own home at a great affordable price. To find out more click here now!

Delonghi EOP2046 Mini Oven with Panini Press

Delonghi EOP2046 Mini Oven

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The Delonghi EOP2046 is a great looking mini oven with a wealth of features. The main attraction of this oven and the thing that stands it above other mini ovens when it comes to features is it’s Panini Press. If you like paninis and want to recreate the great taste you, until now, only find when eating out at a nice cafe or bistro then the Delonghi EOP2046 is for you.

Not only does this mini oven have a great panini press but it also has a large capacity of 20 litres which translates to a big enough size fit in a 30 cm or 12 inch pizza which this oven is more than capable of cooking to perfection.

  • Capacity: 20 Litres
  • Dimensions: H28.3 x W50 x D40.6cm
  • Wattage: 1400W
  • Temperature: 60 to 230 degrees C

If you want a great looking, high quality mini oven with a few extra nice features not found elsewhere then the Delonghi EOP2046 is for you!

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Cookworks Signature Mini Oven

This is the signature mini oven from the Cookworks brand. It has a stylish appearance with a black finish giving it a modern look. Although the size of the oven is quite small the capacity is more than reasonable with up to 25 litres being able to fit inside this mini oven giving you the best of both worlds: a discrete oven with a more than usable capacity!

There is a great temperature range of 70 to 250 degrees which should be able to cook most things and the oven is powered by 1370 to 1640 of energy. For you safety this Cookworks oven has been fitted with a heat resistant glass door and comes equipped with a removable shelf rack for easy cleaning. There is also the standard power indicator and sturdy and reliable knobs and switches.

If you are looking for a mini oven that is better than the entry level, budget ovens but won’t break the bank then this one is definitely worth adding to your list.

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Gordon Ramsay Mini Oven

Gordon Ramsey has finally released a mini oven you can swear by! As part of the award-winning chef’s professional range of food preparation products this 14 litre mini oven will have you producing dishes the f-word star would be proud of.

Although small enough to fit on your kitchen counter the compact design does not mean you are sacrificing practicality over size as this mini oven can toast, bake, grill or convection assisted-fan bake giving you multiple options when it comes to cooking. The temperature control ranges from 85 to 230 degrees allowing you to cook a wide variety of meals and foods.

Gordon Ramsay has ensured this mini oven is packed with great features including a 60 minute timer, an always on oven light that allows you to monitor the progress of your food at any time during the cooking cycle to name but two.

When it comes to looks this mini oven does not cut any corners with blue illuminated control dials and a stainless steel oven rack and crumb tray which nicely compliment the stylish, sleek, stainless steel finish of this oven.

If you want a professional, commercial grade mini oven endorsed by one of the best chefs in the world then this is the one for you!

Dualit DM01GB Chrome Mini Oven

The Dualit DM01GB Chrome Mini Oven is a very classy mini oven. The attractive chrome finish really makes it look at home in even the most modern kitchen and adds a bit of life to any not-so modern kitchen!
Due to the features and high-quality of this mini oven is often used along side a regular oven to provide some extra cooking power although it is more than capable of working alone.

The features packed into this Dualit mini oven include a double glazed glass door, a maximum temperature of 230 degrees, an area for warming plates, defrost, grill, bake and convection cooking modes, a non-stick interior and internal light to name but a few.

It even comes with a one year guarantee, a wire tray, a books of recipes, a roasting pan and a non-stick baking tray.

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Severin Stainless Mini Oven

The Severin Stainless Mini Oven is a nice sized oven with a clear glass door to allow you to watch your food as it cooks.

It comes complete with a rotisserie mode that allows you to cook your food to perfection whilst it rotates on the included rotisserie skewer. This is ideal for chicken and other poultry such as turkey.

The rotisserie feature is a really nice touch that sets this mini oven apart from the competition.

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De’Longhi Electric Table Top Fan Mini Oven

The De’Longhi Electric Table Top Fan Mini Oven is a fan assisted mini oven that also has a grill and a defrost setting.

The temperature can be adjusted like a regular full-sized cooker but this mini oven has the advantage taking less time to clean and taking up less space. Even though it is small it can still fit a 6lb turkey with its 12.5 litre capacity. To make your life easier the bottom of the oven can be removed for easy cleaning and the inside is made from a non-stick material.

In the box you will find two wire shelves, a couple of basting trays, roasting grid and a wire shelf handle.

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De’Longhi EO1200W Pizza Mini Oven

The De’Longhi EO1200W Mini Oven with Pizza Bulge has a large capacity which can comfortably hold and cook a 6lb turkey. There are three ways to cook food in this mini oven including grill and gentle cook and the thermostatic ranges from 60 to 230 degrees.

To make sure your food doesn’t burn there is a 120 minute timer with automatic shut-off and alarm. As well as fitting a turkey the design of this electric mini cooker also allows it to fit a pizza due to its ‘bulge’. The De’Longhi mini oven is easy to clean due to its aluminium interior and removable crumb tray.

To ensure you can use this oven straight away it comes with a backing tray and wire rack!

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Tefal Toast ‘n’ Grill TF801015 Mini Oven

The Tefal Toast ‘n’ Grill TF801015 Toaster and Grill mini oven is a powerful and compact mini oven. It has 1600w of power that can be deployed using its boost button which allows you to cook a pizza in just five minutes compared to the usual 15-20 minutes in a normal, full-sized oven. This is no mean feat considering this mini oven is the size of a regular four slice toaster. It is 33.5 cm long, 35 cm wide and 20.5 cm high.

To make sure your food is cooked just the way you want it this mini oven features a 25 minute timer and has many settings to control your browning level and cooking time.

It comes with an enamel tray for chips, vegetables and meat and a grill track for grilling pretty anything you can think of!

To sum this great mini oven up it is easy to clean, powerful, versatile and very compact. What more could you ask for?

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