Cookworks Signature Mini Oven

This is the signature mini oven from the Cookworks brand. It has a stylish appearance with a black finish giving it a modern look. Although the size of the oven is quite small the capacity is more than reasonable with up to 25 litres being able to fit inside this mini oven giving you the best of both worlds: a discrete oven with a more than usable capacity!

There is a great temperature range of 70 to 250 degrees which should be able to cook most things and the oven is powered by 1370 to 1640 of energy. For you safety this Cookworks oven has been fitted with a heat resistant glass door and comes equipped with a removable shelf rack for easy cleaning. There is also the standard power indicator and sturdy and reliable knobs and switches.

If you are looking for a mini oven that is better than the entry level, budget ovens but won’t break the bank then this one is definitely worth adding to your list.

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