Microwave Ovens

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Microwave Oven Buyers Guide

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The reason so many people opt for buying microwave ovens these days is convenience. Speed is the name of the game in microwave cooking. Most foods take just one-quarter the time that other standard cooking methods require because the food is cooked from within. This is ideal if you lead a busy lifestyle and don’t have time to wait for your oven to reach temperature. Microwave cooking also costs less to run because it requires about one-quarter the power that a traditional oven uses.

Types of Microwave Ovens

Microwave Ovens come in a variety of different styles and types. Below are the main four types of microwave oven.

Microwave Only – This is a standard microwave that can be used to defrost, reheat and cook foods. These types of microwave ovens tend to be the cheapest and are ideal if you only plan to use your microwave for reheating and convenience cooking.

Microwave with grill – These microwaves have all the features of standard microwave ovens but also have an internal grill. These ovens can be used as a stand-alone grill – ideal for browning or crisping food or can be used as a conventional microwave.

Combi Microwave – Combined microwave ovens are the ultimate in flexibility as you can use the grill or convection function independently or together at the same time. Some combination microwave ovens even offer a steaming function.

Built-in Microwave – This is the alternative to a standard worktop microwave oven. Built-in microwave ovens free up space. Built-in microwaves tend to require professional installation, but tend to be more powerful and have more features than standards worktop microwave ovens.

Power and Size

Before purchasing a microwave oven consider the power. A higher wattage microwave will cook foods faster. Most microwave ovens have power that falls between 600 and 1200 watts. Generally speaking the majority of recipes written for microwave cooking require a power of at least 800 watts so the foods cook evenly.
You should also consider the size of the microwave. Capacities range from around 17L right through to over 32L. The larger your family, the larger your microwave oven should be. Also take into account what you will actually be cooking in the microwave. For example, if you cook casseroles, ensure that the dishes you use will fit inside with room to spare.


Microwave ovens vary in price and come with a variety of different features. Consider what type of cooking you will do and whether you will be cooking from frozen. Below is a list of features to consider when purchasing a new microwave oven.

Automatic defrost and cooking – The microwave will work out the weight of the food and automatically work out the time needed to cook it safely -Ideal if you don’t cook very often or are defrosting meats.

Preset Programmes – Some microwave ovens have preset buttons that takes the guess work out of cooking. Simply place food in the microwave, select the corresponding button, sit back and wait.

Sensor Cooking – The microwave will cook the food based on humidity in the oven from the moisture of the food. It will adjust power levels and cooking times accordingly, for succulent results every time.

Turbo reheat – Ideal if you’re in a rush, turbo reheat gives your microwave an additional boost of power – great for reheating soups or baked beans in a hurry.