Mini Oven with Grill

This Mini Oven with a Grill is one of the best selling small kitchen appliances on the market at the moment. It’s great value has made it an instant hit with those looking for a small oven they can bake and grill their food in. Due to the inclusion of a grill you can now cook many more dishes in this oven than you can with a regular item of its type that does not feature a grill. It is ideal for warming up morning goods such as croissants and making toast. If you truly want to replace your regular oven then opting for a mini one that has a grill is a great idea.

Mini Oven with Grill Features

As well as the excellent grill this Andrew James mini oven has a great 18 litre capacity which should be adequate for most dishes and meals. It has a 60 minute timer built in which should be long enough for most things you decide to cook, if not simply reset it again for the additional time required. The temperature of this mini oven with a grill from Andrew James goes up to an impressive 250 C and it weighs a mere 5kg when boxed making it easy to transport.

If you are concerned about what you have to sacrifice when buying a mini oven instead of a full-sized one then the answer here is not much. This item packs a real punch in a tiny package making it ideal for students, those with small kitchens or those who want a cheaper alternative to a regular kitchen oven.

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