Mini Ovens with Hobs

Mini ovens with hob are such a great addition to any kitchen because not only are they small and save a lot of space, they are versatile as well. Imagine – you can bake and cook at the same time and which person who multitasks in the home doesn’t want that! Now you do not have to have your kitchen cluttered up with a hob and an oven – this one combines both so well. And if you do cook a lot and already have them, the mini oven with hob is such a great addition for when you have some extra cooking to so.

Brands of Mini Ovens with Hobs

There are a number of manufacturers that make mini ovens with hobs and you have a wide range of good ones to choose from. Probably the best known is Russell Hobbs though there are other manufacturers who also offer this convenient little appliance. They are Frigidaire, Ingenix, Elgento, Cookworks, Micromark, Morphy Richards and Beko. Most of these mini ovens with hob come with an oven that has a grill as well as a rotisserie function with a capacity that could go from 20 to 30 litres. These appliances usually come with adjustable racks so it is convenient for you to put in different sizes of cookware inside. There’s a timer in most of them to make your life easy too as well as interior lights for easy viewing and panels that are cool touch.

Colour Options

The mini ovens with hob come with two convenient hobs and you have variable settings for the hob temperature. Most of these have non-slip feet so you know that though the appliance is small, you can be assured it is safe and steady when you are cooking something on or in it. Most of them are available in the basic colours – white, black or silver with very good finishes so you can proudly display it in your kitchen. They come with transparent glass doors for you to keep an eye on what is in the oven while you cook what you have to on the hob. They all come with guarantees for specific periods of time.

Benefits of Mini Ovens with a Hob

In today’s space constricted homes, these mini ovens with hob are really a great thing to own. You can do so much with it – cook, grill, bake, defrost and warm food up – all this and more using very little counter top space. For a single person or even a couple, this is such an ideal appliance because it is so compact and so easy to use. For a larger family, this is a great second addition and you will really bless the day you bought one of these mini ovens with hob when you have a large gathering over for a meal. It can whip up a roast, a baked dish, fry up some food, defrost and grill whatever you want – and you can serve up a whole load of food in a very little time. If you haven’t got one yet, maybe it’s time to look at one of these for your kitchen.